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Spring Practice Questions, Part II

Can Brady Hoke sustain the momentum the Wolverines built in 2011?

In texas, where I live, the joke is that there are two kinds of athletics – football and spring football. That’s nearly as true in college football. And as programs around the country gear up for workouts, we tackled the spring practice questions that mean the most.

Spring practice question No. 6: Is Michigan back?

It seems to be almost an annual question since Lloyd Carr departed the program. I think most people would agree that college football is a more exciting place when the Wolverines are a national contender, and Michigan took a giant leap forward last year under first-year coach Brady Hoke. The Wolverines went 11-2, won the Sugar Bowl and were a Michigan State loss away from going to the Big Ten title game.

Thanks in part to that great season, Michigan had an exceptional recruiting class. But can the Wolverines sustain it in the short term?

Even Hoke would admit that there were some highly motivated seniors, recruited by Rich Rodriguez, who had a huge hand in what happened last season. Quarterback Denard Robinson is back for another season, but he’s lost some of the supporting cast that helped make him successful last season. Frankly, Hoke would probably like a more diverse (see pro-style) offense, but with Robinson on the trigger everything is going to run through him until he graduates. In fact, Hoke didn’t even recruit a quarterback for the 2012 class, clouding the direction he’ll take the program when Robinson departs.

Defensively the Wolverines still have some work to do, and Hoke acknowledged that by gathering 14 defensive signings last month and securing verbal commitments from six defensive players for the 2013 class.

Michigan has a less favorable schedule this year, including road trips to Arlington, texas, to face Alabama, South Bend to face Notre Dame and Lincoln to face Nebraska. And, of course, there’s that “School down South” with that new head coach in Columbus.

Am I saying that Michigan is going to take a giant step back in 2012? No, but there is potential for this Wolverines team to be out of the national title picture before they really have a chance to gather momentum. We’ll start to see if that Sugar Bowl momentum will carry the Wolverines during spring workouts.

What other Spring practice questions are out there? Find out after the jump

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BCS championship rematch hardly Game of the Century 2012 edition

Les Miles leads LSU into the BCS National Championship game against Alabama on Monday night.

A couple of months ago I spent hours breaking down, dissecting and analyzing what I dubbed “The Game of the Century – 2011 edition” when LSU went to Alabama. Now, LSU and Alabama play each other again in the BCS National Championship game. Would we be so bold to dub the BCS championship rematch between LSU and Alabama “The Game of the Century – 2012 edition?” Hardly.

It feels almost ridiculous to put that amount of effort into previewing a game that has already happened. I don’t think it’s going to be a 9-6 affair again. I’m sure both Nick Saban and Les Miles, along with their staffs, will make a myriad of adjustments to combat what they were unable to do the first time around. Although, let’s be honest – does Alabama think it’s kickers have gotten any better in two months?

I also won’t bore you with my whining about how we as college football fans have been stuck with this rematch. Although, just to be honest, the fact that a team that didn’t even reach its conference title game is playing in this game is completely antithetical to the purpose of the BCS, if you ask me.

But here we are. LSU vs. Alabama. For all the Tostitos, as Brent Musberger said last year. Oh, wait, Allstate is the sponsor this year. So this is for all the Good Hands People? Doesn’t quite have the same ring.

So who wins this game? Well, to be fair, nothing much has changed since the last meeting. Both of their defenses are astoundingly good. Both of their offenses are solid, but certainly not spectacular. And both of their coaches are the top of their game.

But, as I watch the game tomorrow night, these are things I’ll be watching.

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PigksinU Top 25: Did LSU-Alabama live up to the hype?

Les Miles and LSU are now the unquestioned No. 1 team in the nation after beating Alabama Saturday night.

LSU 9, Alabama 6. Did LSU-Alabama live up to the hype?

Well, it did in that the game shaped up the way most of us did – dominated by defense. These units could play, as a whole, for some teams in the NFL right now. I think these two coaches, Nick Saban and Les Miles, were heavily influenced by what that fact. Most of the time coaches will tell you that they’re not concerned with the other team and they’re out to execute their game plan. Well, I think in this case both coaches knew one bad play could undo the entire game and their play calling was influenced as a result. In this case, they might have been OVERLY concerned with what the other team was doing, and that doesn’t happen often.

We all knew that these two teams didn’t have stellar passing games, and that beared out. Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson of LSU, and A.J. McCarron of Alabama, struggled. They were hampered by conservative game plans and NFL-caliber secondaries.

And we knew it would be a close game. Did anyone really think this contest would be a blowout?

But I don’t believe we thought it would be dominated by the kicking game, either. Remember what I wrote earlier this week? If it’s the kicking game, LSU has the edge. That was certainly true.

LSU was 3-for-3 on field goals, thanks to the steady foot of Drew Alleman. Punter Brad Wing had a heck of a game. Yes, he had the one shank. But that 72-yard punt was perfectly timed, if aided by the fact that Alabama punt returner Marquis Maze couldn’t backpedal on that ankle. But the Tide should have known Wing, backed up in his own end zone, was going to try and outkick his coverage, right?

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LSU vs. Alabama 2011: LSU offense vs. Alabma defense

Alabama LB Courtney Upshaw is one of the top tacklers behind the line of scrimmage in the nation.

It’s the biggest game of the 21st Century (November 2011 edition). Alabama vs. LSU. Saturday night. The winner, most likely, wins the SEC West, beats whichever sacrificial lamb the SEC East puts up in the conference championship game and goes to the BCS National Championship game in New Orleans. The stakes are high, to say the least.

Every day this week’s Just Sayin’ blog will get you ready for the game, exploring matchups and keys to the game. Today, it’s LSU’s offense against Alabama’s defense.

To say LSU has had some obstacles offensively this season would be an understatement.

First, offensive coordinator Steve Kragthorpe had to step down from that position after learning he had Parkinson’s disease. Kragthorpe is still on the staff as quarterbacks coach, but offensive line coach Greg Studrawa had to take on the OC duties right before the season started. Then, of course, there was quarterback Jordan Jefferson’s involvement in a bar altercation that led to a suspension to start the season.

Two months into the season, the LSU offense on paper looks like a middling outfit. Overall their offense, by yards, is ranked No. 80 in the nation. The passing game, a hybrid of Jefferson and opening-day starter Jarrett Lee, is ranked 97th. The best part of the offense, statistically, is the ground game, ranked 30th in the nation and averaging 189 yards per game.

This is why total yardage is never a clear indicator of a team’s success. Consider that LSU has scored at least 35 points in all but one game this season. LSU is 12th in the nation in points per game on offense, right behind Alabama. The LSU defense, which has created 18 turnovers, provides the Tiger offense with extra possessions. LSU has converted 66 percent of its forced turnovers into points. This offense is also capable of big plays, with 29 plays of 20 yards or more this season. Continue Reading…


PigskinU Top 25: Boise State needs a chance to play with the big boys

Boise State and Kellen Moore may finally get their chance to prove their worth in an automatic qualifying conference if they join the Big East.

I watched College Gameday Final this morning with Rece Davis, Lou Holtz and Mark May. Their little stand-up feature, Final Verdict, really left me ticked off.

The topic was Boise State and whether the Broncos deserved a shot at the national championship game this year, even if all of the current undefeated teams ended up with a loss. Both Holtz and May said no.

Their reason? Boise State’s schedule isn’t good enough, and they scoffed at the notion that Boise can’t impact its own strength of schedule by scheduling Top 25 teams during the non-conference schedule. Holtz actually implied Boise State wouldn’t schedule more than one difficult opponent each season.

My issue isn’t their point, really, because I agree to some degree. My issue is this. Boise could schedule more Top 25 teams in non-conference play, and I actually think the Broncos would like to do so. The problem is this, guys – the automatic qualifying conferences are scared of the Broncos.

Yes, I said it. Scared.

Here’s the way the game is played among the six automatic qualifying conferences when it comes to non-conference action. Those schools do everything possible to make sure they win those games because they know their conferences are tough and that they’ll probably absorb a loss or two during league play. These programs value this strategy so much that they’ll actually pay lesser teams hundreds of thousands of dollars to come to their stadium so they can put a beat down on them.

The AQ teams get a win they can use to push their bowl eligibility and protect themselves from conference losses.

Sure, you have an unusual case like LSU this year, which scheduled a robust non-conference schedule to go with its SEC schedule. But most of the time you get a schedule that includes one decent AQ team and two or three non-AQ teams that will be easy to beat.

Boise State doesn’t have that luxury because it plays in the Mountain West, which is probably the best non-AQ conference going, but only has one ranked team and that’s Boise. The Broncos scheduled Georgia this year and beat the Bulldogs in the opener, but weren’t able to schedule another AQ team.

You don’t think Boise State wants to play tougher opponents? I feel certain that they do. But when you create a system where there’s no benefit for AQ teams to play a program like Boise State, then the Broncos will be lucky to get their one game against a ranked AQ opponent each year. The BCS continues to treat the Broncos as a novelty instead of as one of the nation’s top programs. This is just a case of the BCS trying to keep the non-AQ teams down. They don’t like party crashers.

Of course, Boise may finally get a chance to make its case, if the Big East’s flirtation with the program comes to fruition. Boise State moving to the Big East provides the conference with a program with a national following and helps take some of the sting out of the losses of Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia (and maybe more). The move finally provides Boise State access to the AQ world and legitimizes them, as much as TCU’s move to the Big East (and later Big 12) did for the Horned Frogs and Utah’s move to the Pac-12 did for the Utes. Yes, I know the Utes are 1-4 in the Pac-12 right now and May made that point. But the fact is Boise is a better program than Utah and I think Boise would do much better in an AQ conference.

Boise State’s move to a conference like this is well overdue. So is the respect this program deserves. Boise State no longer needs a pat on the head when they beat an AQ school.

Boise State needs a chance to play with the big boys every week. The Big East – even as decimated as they look right now – would give Boise State the chance. Sadly, it does the Broncos no good this year.

So, without further ado, My Top 25 poll after Week 9:


1. Alabama (last week: 2): The biggest game in the history of college football (November 2011 edition) is just six days away. The Tide must establish the run against LSU.

2. LSU (2): Meanwhile the Tigers not only have to stop the run but figure out how to keep the heat that is the Crimson Tide’s pass rush off QBs Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson.

3. Boise State (3): Boise’s final five games don’t look imposing. All they can do is play their games and see what happens.

4. Stanford (4): The Cardinal needed three overtimes to defeat USC. I don’t look at as a bad thing. This should toughen up the Cardinal for Oregon.

5. Oklahoma State (5): The Cowboys have had one close game this season, their one-point win over texas A&M. One other was a 12-point win. The rest have been absolute blowouts. The offense has scored at least 30 points in every game. Can anyone slow them down?

6. Oregon (6): What’s the worst thing that can happen to a Top 10 team during the season? A quarterback controversy. Watch the Darron Thomas-Bryan Bennett situation closely.

7. Oklahoma (8): I expected a bounce-back win for the Sooners. I didn’t quite expect the Sooner to blow out Kansas State, though.

8. Nebraska (9): The Cornhuskers just screwed up the Big Ten in a good way by beating Michigan State. You know, on second thought, Nebraska fits right into this league.

9. Arkansas (11): Yes, Arkansas struggled with Vandy. But that says more about the job James Franklin is doing in Nashville than the Hogs.  

10. Virginia Tech (13): You know if Duke had a kicker that could make a field goal we’d be talking about what’s wrong with the Hokies and not their escapability.

11. Penn State (14): Joe Pa is now the winningest coach in FBS/FCS. Congrats. Now enjoy the bye guys, because Nebraska, Ohio State and Wisconsin loom. Don’t get comfortable, Joe.

12. South Carolina (15): The best thing South Carolina has going for it right now is its win over resurgent Georgia. If the Gamecocks beat Florida, the SEC East is theirs.

13. Clemson (7): Remember when I said I wasn’t sure Clemson would go undefeated? Well, there you go.

14. Cincinnati (18): I wasn’t sure what to do with the Bearcats, considering they didn’t play this week. Five Big East games lie ahead for the nation’s No 2 run defense.

15. Michigan (19): The Legends Division is now a mess and the door is open for the Wolverines to take control. They still have the Cornhuskers in three weeks.

16. Houston (20): I saw QB Case Keenum in person last week. He’s definitely a quarterback worth paying attention to. Houston is on course for a Conference USA division title.

17. Kansas State (10): If I’m Bill Snyder, I’d be asking someone in the Big 12 offices why they ended up with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on back-to-back weeks.

18. West Virginia (21): The Mountaineers are on their way to the Big 12. They still have a shot to claim their last Big East title.  

19. Arizona State (22): The Sun Devils dominated Colorado. That’s no mean feat. Losses ahead of the Sun Devils move them up three spots.

20. Wisconsin (12): Two flukish losses in a row for the Badgers put them in a precarious position. They must win out to contend for a Big Ten division title.

21. texas (23): texas ran the ball with impunity against Kansas. The longhorns are a win away from getting back to a bowl, but all five of their remaining games will be tough.

22. Georgia (NR): The Bulldogs won the Cocktail Party and it appears that Mark Richt’s job is safe. Sad that it takes that to secure a job for a great head coach like Richt.

23. Georgia Tech (NR): Food for thought – The Yellow Jackets have beaten five straight ranked opponents at home. Just sayin’.

24. Michigan State (17): I still think the Spartans are a Top 25 team. But they can’t keep laying eggs after winning big games.

25. Auburn (NR): I’m a little surprised the Tigers have been this good without Cam Newton. RB Michael Dyer is one of the best backs you’re not paying attention to.

Dropped out: texas A&M, Syracuse, USC.

0 Top 25: Wisconsin makes a statement

Wisconsin WR Nick Toon and the Badgers are coming off a huge win over Nebraska.

Wisconsin made a statement Saturday night, and that statement was simple – we’re in it to win it.

It being the whole thing. As in the BCS National Championship.

I expected the Badgers’ Big Ten opener with Nebraska to be closer. But Nebraska faded as the game went along and the Badgers claimed a resounding 48-17 win over the Cornhuskers.

It was my first chance to really scrutinize the Badgers this season and I didn’t see many weaknesses. QB Russell Wilson, as I’ve written before, has added a different dimension to this pro-style offense that was already capable of pounding opponents with the run game. The defense turned the Husker offense impotent by halftime and QB Taylor Martinez was never comfortable after a solid first quarter.

Anyone who watched that game should have walked away with the idea that the Badgers are the team to beat in the entire Big Ten, not just their division. Frankly, I felt that way in August, but I resisted the temptation to come right out and say it because I just wasn’t sure about the QB situation. Could Wilson really go into that system and be a contributor that quickly? Apparently the answer was yes.

So here we are after five weeks and the Badgers are now on the short list of BCS National Championship contenders. Winning out may not be enough, though, as I think three other conferences could have undefeated teams this year. But winning out is the only way the Badgers will get in, if you ask me.

The Badgers only move up one spot to No. 6, since the five teams in front of them won and I don’t drop teams that win.

Meanwhile our Top 25 took a hard hit this weekend, the result of the start of conference play for most leagues and a bevy of upsets. After you get outside our Top 6, all but two teams stayed where they were last week. It was a discombobulating weekend to say the least.

So, without further ado, My Top 25 poll after Week 5:

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The Walkthrough: Nebraska at Wisconsin looms largest

Russell Wilson has been a huge asset to the Wisconsin Badgers so far in 2011.

The first month of the college football season, when you think about it, is preamble. Sure, you have a few big games smattered here and there (LSU vs. Oregon comes to mind). But for the most part the big schools get their easy wins and the smaller schools get their paychecks for being those easy wins. Well, most of the time they’re easy wins.

September doesn’t define much. It helps pad bowl eligibility and wallets. October is about starting the process of winnowing down the field for the BCS National Championship game. And on the first day of October of this season, that process starts with a buffet of big games.

On Saturday there will be five games that will feature undefeated teams playing one another.

But Nebraska at Wisconsin looms largest.

This game is huge and it’s perfect for prime time. It’s the Big Ten opener for both teams. For Nebraska the game is its first Big Ten game ever. What a way to start. The conference could have chosen to start the Cornhuskers with a patsy like Minnesota. Instead it drew a road trip to Camp Randall. Continue Reading…

0 Top 25: Oklahoma is MY No. 1 Team

So I have a problem with the Associated Press.

On Sunday the AP voted LSU as the No. 1 team, leapfrogging the Tigers over Oklahoma, which had been the nation’s No. 1 team since the preseason poll. Also, Alabama dropped to No. 3.

Why do I have a problem with this? It’s not that I don’t believe that LSU is a great team. The Tigers have proven that in spades the past month, beating three ranked teams in the process. It’s that in order to move LSU to the top the voters have punished Oklahoma and Alabama.

Yes, Oklahoma WAS No. 1 and Alabama WAS No. 2. Now they’re Nos. 2 and 3, respectively. They’ve done nothing wrong. Both teams have played their schedule, won four games and remain undefeated. Both the Sooners and Crimson Tide have beaten ranked teams and creampuffs alike, just like LSU. But instead of keeping the two teams where they were, the voters, collectively, chose to drop them.

I know it’s a voter’s prerogative. But this part of the AP poll process has always driven me nuts. This happens every year. A team gets a few wins under its belt, attains a ranking they deserve and then gets dropped a spot by another team that’s undefeated.

I don’t think it’s fair. I think if you’re undefeated and you reach a certain ranking that’s where you stay until you lose. Say you’re the nation’s No. 5 team and you’re undefeated. You’re 6-0 and then you drop a spot, even though your team hasn’t done anything to deserve being dropped.

You take care of your business and yet you get dropped? I don’t like it one bit. Sure, if you’re No. 5 and another undefeated team leapfrogs you to No. 4, I can deal with that, as long as you keep your No. 5 ranking.

But what happened to Oklahoma was wrong. The Sooners were No. 1, were 4-0 and yet, and yet, the voters fell in love with someone else, in this case LSU and were dropped.

So, in MY poll Oklahoma is my No. 1 team, Alabama is my No. 2 team and LSU is my No. 3 team, just like the past two weeks. You may agree, you may disagree.

But my logic is clear and I think I’m right. But I suppose that’s part of why we debate these things every week. Everyone thinks a little differently. But Oklahoma is MY No. 1 team until they lose. If the lose.

So, without further ado, My Top 25 poll after Week 4:


1. Oklahoma (last week: 1): The Sooners opened Big 12 action by taking care of Missouri, a team that always seems to give the Sooners trouble. The Tigers did so on Saturday, but not nearly enough trouble to put the Sooners on the ropes. Ball State comes to Norman next Saturday, followed by the trip to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry game with texas.

2. Alabama (last week: 2): One down, one to go for Alabama and its early SEC landmines. I’m not surprised that the Crimson Tide took care of Arkansas the way it did. But I am a little intrigued by next weekend’s matchup with Florida, even though that’s more because I’m interested in seeing how the new-look Gators measure up than determining if the Tide are a Top 3 team. I think we know that by now.

3. LSU (last week: 3): QB Jarrett Lee is turning into the one thing Jordan Jefferson was never able to become – consistent. Now that September is over, the Tigers need to take care of business and get ready for the early November tilt with Alabama, one that appears as if it will decide the SEC West.

4. Boise State (last week: 4): I don’t think the Broncos have lost a home game against an unranked opponent since the Clinton Administration. Now the punishment begins. The Broncos start playing Mountain West opponents and its strength of schedule takes a nosedive until the Nov. 12 tilt with TCU.

5. Stanford (last week: 5): The Cardinal remains undefeated and QB Andrew Luck remains a top-flight Heisman candidate. Not a bad month’s worth of work. UCLA is up next.

6. Nebraska (last week: 6): Nebraska took care of business against Wyoming. Now it’s time for the game I’ve had my eye on since Ohio State fell from grace this summer – Nebraska at Wisconsin. The Big Ten opener for both teams. It’s the biggest game of the season (Oct. 1 edition).

7. Wisconsin (last week: 7): Wisconsin has either had it easy or made it look easy. That’s hard to gauge.  But the way QB Russell Wilson has assimilated into the offense so easily should scare the heck out of the rest of the Big Ten.

8. Oklahoma State (last week: 8) : Well, now I think we know that the Cowboys are made of an especially tough kind of stock. Going into College Station and edging out the Aggies in a close game is fodder for making a case that the Cowboys should move up in this poll. But, since no one lost ahead of them, I’ll keep them here.

9. Virginia Tech (last week: 9): Virginia Tech made easy money out of Marshall. It’s been a pretty quiet month for the Hokies, which I assume they’ll take after last year’s 0-2 start with losses to Boise State and FCS’s James Madison. The Hokies’ ACC opener is against Clemson, which is really starting to gather steam after its win over Florida State.

10. Oregon (last week: 11): The Ducks seem to have rebounded nicely since their season-opening loss to LSU. Remember – the Ducks drew a significantly easier conference schedule than some of its Pac-12 North mates. The path seems clear from here to their Nov. 12 meeting with Stanford.

11. South Carolina (last week: 12): South Carolina made sure that Vanderbilt didn’t ruin their shot at an SEC East title. But here’s the thing – does the 21-3 result leave you more impressed with what James Franklin is doing at Vanderbilt or less impressed with the Gamecocks’ 4-0 start? They struggled with Navy the week before. That’s cause for concern for me.

12. Florida (last week: 13): Florida is 4-0 entering next weekend’s matchup with Alabama, a big one for seeing how much progress the Gators have made under first-year head coach Will Muschamp. Frankly, I don’t expect the Gators to win. But I want to see how close they make it. This is also a great game to take stock of QB John Brantley’s ability to handle a top-flight secondary.

13. texas A&M (last week: 10): The Aggies acquitted themselves pretty nicely against Oklahoma State, but they also dropped a 17-point lead in a game they could have won. I’ve felt all along that the Aggies were the No. 3 team in the Big 12, and that loss proves that I’m right. For once.

14. TCU (last week: 17): I expect a placid journey for the Horned Frogs to their Nov. 12 meeting with Boise State. The Horned Frogs ended up dismantling Portland State. But the slow starts are concerning me, and SMU has enough talent to take advantage of those slow starts. I expect TCU to win, but SMU could make it interesting. Just not Baylor interesting.

15. South Florida (last week: 18): QB B.J. Daniels is providing the Bulls with some salty numbers on the ground and in the air. This Bulls team steadily makes its way up our poll.

16. Michigan (last week: 20): Wolverine brass now looks very smart for hiring Brady Hoke, at least in the short term. And bonus points to the coaching staff for not trying to fit QB Denard Robinson into an offense that doesn’t utilize his best skills. Too many new coaches make that mistake.

17. Baylor (last week: 19): The Bears gave Rice the business to improve to 4-0 before starting Big 12 play. Now the fun begins. Are the Bears the best of what’s left after Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, or will they wilt now that they don’t have the element of surprise? I think their Rice could be very interesting, especially since the big teams don’t hit their schedule for a few more weeks.

18. texas (last week: 21): texas was idle this weekend and that gives their dynamic group of freshman some time to reflect before getting ready for their first Red River Rivalry game in two weeks. But before that it’s Iowa State, which is looking like a pretty interesting team right now.

19. West Virginia (last week: 15): First of all, the all-yellow uniforms need to go. Second, don’t totally panic over the Mountaineers’ loss to the Tigers. QB Geno Smith still has enough to carry the Mountaineers to a Big East title. But that South Florida matchup will be the biggee. 

20. Arkansas (last week: 16): So how far do you drop a team that just lost to the No. 2 team in the country. To me, Arkansas probably needs to be in the 20-25 range after losing to the Tide. They’re the third-best team in the West, but the chasm between the Hogs and the Top 2 is significant.

21. Florida State (last week: 14): Oh, what a drop for the Seminoles. The only thing that keeps me from dropping them out of my Top 25 completely is that QB EJ Manuel was hurt. But, goodness, losing to inconsistent Clemson doesn’t bode well for FSU winning its division, much less winning the ACC.

22. Michigan State (last week: 14): It’s time to find out what the Spartans are made of after they just dismantled Western Michigan. Still not ready to put them back in my Top 20 yet.

23. Illinois (last week: 24): Illinois is off to a 4-0 start. But I’m not moving them up after nearly being upset by Central Michigan. But, by my roles, the Illini don’t drop, either.

24. Clemson (last week: 25): A huge two week stretch for the Tigers, who were pegged by many as underachievers entering this season. The Florida State victory now puts Dabo Swinney’s crew among the leading contenders in the conference.

25. Georgia Tech (last week: unranked): I wasn’t high on the Yellow Jackets until they beat North Carolina last weekend, pulling the victory out late. They’re running the ball well, which isn’t unusual. But the defense looks better than the unit I saw play in the Independence Bowl last year.

Dropped out: 23, Southern Cal.


The Walkthrough: Will the dominoes in conference realignment start falling Monday?

Matthew Postins files The Walkthrough twice a week during the season at Early in the week, it’s a wrap-up of last weekend’s action. Late in the week, it’s a preview of what’s coming up that weekend. And it call comes with news, commentary and Postins’ dry wit and opinion.

Could the dominos in conference realignment start falling as early on Monday? The University of Oklahoma board of regents will meet on Monday and on the agenda will be the school’s conference affiliation. That doesn’t mean a decision is coming on Monday, but it means that the board must feel there’s enough information at hand to at least start talking about what direction the school wants to head.

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that the rest of the Big 12 is waiting to see if the Sooners are going to stay in the Big 12 or, most likely, head west to the Pac-12. There have been plenty of rumors the past couple of weeks, and perhaps it’s time the Sooners laid them to rest so we could all get on with our college football lives. Continue Reading…


The Walkthrough: Without Jefferson, LSU Is Great After All

LSU RB Michael Ford led the way for the Jordan Jefferson-less LSU Tigers in their victory over Oregon at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, texas.

Matthew Postins files The Walkthrough twice a week during the season at Early in the week, it’s a wrap-up of last weekend’s action. Late in the week, it’s a preview of what’s coming up that weekend. And it call comes with news, commentary and Postins’ dry wit and opinion.

The whole Big 12 mess has all the feel of a poorly-wired demolition project. It’s like the school presidents and athletic directors are taking turns pushing down the plunger until someone hits it just right, it finally sparks and the whole thing explodes.

Question is which AD or president finally gets it right. Now it’s Oklahoma’s turn.

These Tigers are grrrrrrreat! OK, so, I was wrong. Apparently the LSU Tigers have laser-like focus even in the face of the suspension of LSU QB Jordan Jefferson and the distractions it caused.

Well without Jefferson against Oregon, LSU was great after all.

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