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Interested in Stouts?

Winter is right around the corner and many people feel drawn to stouts. Stouts are rich in flavor but there are many many varieties. Check out this video from Biily Broas, Blogger and Home brewer and see how the stout beer style extends far beyond Guinness…



Top 5 Fall Beers

Fall is definitely here and there’s no way to get around that. So which beer should you choose to accompany the crisp air and changing leaves. Here are 5 great choices that are available in most speciality shops. After scouring the internet and having tried most of these here are my TOP 5 Fall Beers.

    • 1. Dogfish head Punkin Ale.     Yeah this beer has alot of publicity but you know what its REALLY good. Real pumpkin is added, spices, and brown sugar. A couple of things you should know about this beer. It’s  not sweet, its not overtly spicy, and the pumpking is very subtle. The beauty about this beer is just that -subtle.




2. Bootlegger’s Pumpkin Ale This pumpkin ale brewed in Fullerton, Ca. It’s brewed with molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin juice. It smells of rich  molasses and taste like fresh pumpkins. It is a rich brew full of sweet fall flavors. The 6.1% ABV is definitely on the low end when it comes to rich brews so sit back and enjoy.




3. Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale. An Amazing west-coast style IPA. But what makes this beer different is FRESHNESS. Hops are harvested in September  and thats it for the rest of the year! So fresh hops are rare in the sense that they are usually dried and made into capsules, which is what makes this brew so special. A west coast IPA that shouts of fresh earthy hop flavors, grapefruit-like flavors, as well as spicy hints, mild malty sweetness and roasted flavors. Nothing is better than a good IPA!


  • 4. Bear republic Red Rocket ale  Yeah this brewery is found in Sonoma, CA and believe me its mighty GOOD. This brew is inspired by red Scottish ales and also of piny IPA’s. It pours a darker amber color with hints of caramel and west coast Hops. Its a bit higher in alcohol 6.8% ABV and also big bold flavors. This beer will definitely warm you up right away.



5. New belgium 1554 Black ale, This brew is available all year long but it’s perfect for cold nights. It’s not like a porter or stout. Although this beer is dark it’s not bitter at all with a low 21-ibu’s. It also has a low abv at 5.8% ABV. Very subtle medium-bodied with coffee and chocolate notes but not overpowering at all. Definitely a different brew but with lots of favors. This beer is perfect when you feel like a darker beer but not high alcohol or high on bitterness. Most craft beer stores or even grocery stores carry this ale. If you wanna dive into darker brews this is definitely one you should start with.


The important thing is to be prepared for fall. Crisp nights, changing leaves, and earlier nights is nature’s way of telling you to switch it up a bit. Take some time and relax with these different brews.


Anchor Steam – A Good Beginners Beer

Interested in trying  some craft brews but don’t know where to start?

 One of the largest Craft Breweries is Anchor Steam brewery located in San Francisco, Ca. It distributes all over the continental US. This beer is mild and considered a “session beer” which means its alcohol content is pretty low for craft beer standards at 4.9%.  First brewed in 1896 and survived many years of changes. Its’s considered a “steam beer”  or california common beer. What that means is it is a unique 100% American style lager.  The method used dates back to old california when refrigeration was scarce. The brewers had to improvise to cool the beer down so they used shallow fermenters so the lager yeast was trained to ferment quicker.

  What I like about this beer is the fact that it’s simply GOOD! It’s uniquely american and the brewery has a rich history in America. It has a wide range of distribution and it’s perfect for those that want to start getting to know  the craft beer market. Oh and it pairs really good with BBQ. Planning on tailgating and want to kick back and try something new? You will most definitely enjoy this malty, amber color, and enjoyable brew.



Crash Course on IPA’S

So you’re interseted in trying an IPA?

Did you try one and not like it? Don’t give up because not all IPA’s are the same. There is a wide range of flavors that you might like. Sometimes there are other factors that contribute in the dislike of a certain beer.

IPA’s can range from super bitter and hoppy to super smooth and round with a degree of sweetness. Check this post out to get the crash course on IPA’s:



Ales vs Lagers

So what’s the real difference between ales and lagers?
That could get complicated because it describes, in a nut shell,  the brewing process. But just because you like one type of lager doesnt mean you like all types and vice versa. Ales and Lagers both can range from light to dark from sweet to bitter.

SO whats the real difference?
Ales are brwed with totally different yeast strains than lagers. Lagers are considered as top fermenting yeast that ferment in a cooler enviornment. Ale yeast ferment at the bottom in a warmer enviornment. In a warmer climate the yeast is highlighted and that increases flavor and alcohol. In a cooler enviornment yeast flavor is more subdued. Yeast has a very fruity, spicy and tangy taste. Lagers have less of the taste of yeast so when drinking lagers you will taste more of the malt, barley, and hops.

If you’re interested in different ales and their description check this link out

If your intersted in increasing your lager knowledge and want to know what to look for check out this link

When doing your weekly Beer run having some additional information will help you to know what to look for.


I’m that “beer guy”.

Original Yuengling Brewery (image provided by Trevor Jochems)

Welcome to my blog about beer.
First things first, my name is Oscar Mejia and I am someone who enjoys having a good time-whether it is watching a good game on TV or hanging out with my friends. Pretty much what we all love to do.

Something I really enjoy doing is tasting different types of Beer. Lemme tell you something to start off – Drink what you like, but, it never hurts to do a little exploration. I like variety in my life – a little variety can do wonders. There was a time when where you lived identified what kind of beer you drank. If you went to visit family across town or state, you got to taste beer from that local brewery.

I’m sayin this because I am an advocate on supporting your local brewery. Why? Because these local brewers put everything on the line to chase their American dream and they follow their passion. So Follow your passion and the passion of others. All over the US you can find local breweries doing so.

Check out my next posts where I’ll talk about how to find a local brewery, what to do when you find one, what different beer types are there , and how to pair different beer types.